Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taylor & the tract

Taylor with her supervising teacher
It was the morning of my first day of teaching, and I was lost. I had set off from where I live with every intention of finding my school with no problem, but after a while of riding my bike through unfamiliar streets I realized I may have been a little overzealous. Just as I decided I had ridden too far, my bike chain fell off. I had no idea how to put it back on, so I decided just to turn around and go home. So much for the first day...

As I was passing a Buddhist temple, the supervising teacher from my school drove past on her motorcycle. She saw me, stopped, and noticed that my bike was broken. She said something about having to make copies and told me not to move from that spot - she would only be a second. Off she went again. I thought I should take her advice, but I had a Thai tract with me and I figured I had enough time to pay a visit to the temple. 

I went inside, said 'hello' in the appropriate manner, and showed the monks the tract. Women are not allowed to actually hand monks anything because of status, so I just laid it on a table saying, "Khap koon, ka" (thank you) then I left.

I met the teacher outside, she handed my bike over to some people who said they would fix it, and she gave me a ride to school.It turns out that she NEVER takes that way to work, but that morning God had told her to go the other way because someone needed her help. Thank God she listened to the prompting of the spirit!


Please pray that a seed was planted in the lives of the monks, and that they will take to heart what the tract said.