Thursday, June 27, 2013

Korean Cafe Update

I hope that you are all doing well as you read this message.  As I begin this message, I am sitting in the NKgo school building and hearing bits of many different conversations. Joanna is playing on a guitar and teaching one of our students various songs that we like to sing.  At the moment they are talking about the song "Our God is Greater" by Chris Tomlin.  Charis is talking to our Little Brother and his 'brother' (it is common to call someone you are very close to but not actually related to your brother or sister here) about how American men are compared to Korean men.  Strangely, that is a topic that came up last night when we were exploring a city nearby.  We have noticed that many Asian men are quite tall.  This observation does not apply, however, to our students.  Amazingly, I am on the taller side of the spectrum in our classroom.  It is not uncommon for students that come to NKgo to be a good deal shorter than the average Korean person because of lacking nutrition necessary for regular growth. I was told that this trait is often how they are identified from South Koreans. 

However, as I have been writing this message, the scene has changed, and now Little Brother is using one of his English textbooks to teach Joanna some Korean.  He loves to switch the roles and make us his students, giving him the chance to play the teacher.  We like it pretty well too... Turns out, he is a pretty good teacher.

We have completed over week two of classes.  Recently, one of the teachers at NKgo got married. Almost all of the students came, and we even learned a traditional Korean song that is sung at weddings as a blessing over the new couple.  We pray that the marriage and life of these two will be a beautiful example of Christ's love to all who know them, especially the students whom they love so much.