Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update from Sam!

Thai Dorm team
Greetings from Thailand! Thank you to everyone who has kept me in their prayers! Quick Update: I am living and teaching at a high school in a small town called Thung Chang & I absolutely love it! I have my own house complete with running water and two fans! I'm very blessed, & have only gotten sick once. 

Every day is an adventure and presents new challenges, but 1 Peter 1: 6-7 gives me hope daily. If I could ask for anything it would be that you all would keep the Northern Thai people who I'm working with in your prayers. It's so clear the people here are seeking for truth, and it's so heartbreaking to see them misled. They truly live in fear of the spirits, and work so hard to achieve good karma. Despite their efforts, they live hopelessly, meditating and worshiping empty idols. Pray that God opens doors and that I would be a usable vessel. I have no translator, and the language barrier often is frustrating. Pray that the love and light of Christ would shine through my actions rather than my words. Being here has been so humbling. Thank you dearly to those who have been praying.