Saturday, June 15, 2013

Butuan City: Getting Around

Getting around in the Philippines has been quite the adventure. Here are a few ways all twenty-something of us travel.

Jeepney. Its a versatile beast that we can all cram into, and it's what we first met getting off the plane in Butuan. When we can't all fit inside, such as when we need to hitch a ride to town and there are other passengers, there's always the roof, a group favorite!

The jeepney provides a great way for the whole group to get us somewhere at once. For smaller settings, there's a tricycle. It's a motorcycle with a car attached around it. There's also the bicycle version of this. 

UPDATE: The Habal Habal!

It's the greatest thing you'll ever ride. 

Motorcycles are extremely popular here. Most cares are Toyota and Mitsubishi, with a few other scattered Hondas and such. Traffic is as crazy as you may have heard, with one painted lane becoming 3 de facto lanes any second, and the horn being blown regularly as a communication device, not an anger response like in America. Few intersections we've seen had lights and aggressive driving is the name of the game, but I haven't seen an accident yet. 

-Brian & teams