Monday, June 24, 2013

Alarm clocks

The Philippines is so impressive! They have a community alarm clock built into their society.

At 3:17AM the first chicken begins to cluck.
At 3:18AM I'm awake.
At 3:19AM the neighbor's chicken begins to cluck.
At 3:27AM, just ten minutes later, an entire choir of chickens begin to harmonize the clucking! This continues until about until sunrise.
At 5:00AM, I get off my mat and walk outside, where a friend of ours asks if we want to go jogging... how could i say no?
6 kilometers and an hour and a half later we arrive at a basketball court! SO at about 8AM we got beat in a game of basketball!
9AM we begin to head back to out house!
6 kilometers and an hour and a half later we arrive at our house!

This was the start of my day yesterday! haha It was a lot of fun tho! I'm just glad these alarm clocks don't exist in Tennessee! :)

Last weeks ministry was so good! Praise God, we got to share with hundreds of people, and i shared with some older men a bunch, and we got to baptize two men in the ocean! Such a cool experience! We are going back the the village on Wednesday, the mayor there is going to cook us goat and boiled bananas! and rice. The goat is going to be pretty delish!
We just arrived at the new village and the family is so helpful! Still no running water, but at least the rain catcher is across the street and NOT at the bottom of a mountain again.

KEEP PRAYING! Its so encouraging getting comments and emails telling me how much support we're getting back home. You guys are the best!
Pray His cloud is going before us and behind us as we pass through the Red Sea! -1 Corinthians 10. And may we glorify Him with everything we do!

This Generation, Every Nation!