Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Butuan City Teams: Living the first week

All the healthcare teams are off to their villages. We thought maybe you would like a recap of their first week here in the Philippines. 

The healthcare teams and agriculture team have been staying here at the Agusan Norte Boost (Baptist Out of School Training) Center. It's a small collection of buildings that are used to teach nationals about sustainable organic farming.  We've had a week of orientation about all kinds of health related topics from Kuya Bong, the extension worker. We also met the Mayor of Butuan City and visited some local churches. 

By the accounts of some of the team members, if we hadn't had this week of introduction to the vastly different lifestyle of food, culture, hygiene and living, it could have been too much for some to handle. All in all it was a week of adjusting to a new and exciting life - a life of being on the mission field in the rural Philippines.

God has brought us all here for His glory. These teams are now in their assigned areas and beginning to complete the task the Lord has set before them. It's cool to be in the company of such faithful people.

Pray that God would continue to give all boldness and strength to face any challenge that comes their way. I would like to give thanks for all the work He has already done here.


NBA: it's a really really big deal here. 

cooling off in the heat of the day with buckets of water

Meeting the Mayor of Butuan


showers in the rain

The roof of a jeepney is not only for passengers but also for cargo. These guys are masters of hopping around the crammed jeepney and climbing the siderails to collect fares.

Rain cover 

Tud-Ol team! 
Crossing the Agusan River on the way to church

Sharing at church on Sunday