Thursday, June 20, 2013

Impact Cebu Basketball: Meet the Team!

Impact Cebu team with translators & Kuya Jess

Name: Lee

School: Clemson University

Home State: South Carolina

Random Fact: likes to close his eyes and pretend he's Superman.Used to have a pet turtle named Bradley

Name: Blake

School: North Western State University

Home State: Louisiana

Random Fact: Favorite book in the Bible- 1 Corinthians. Born in Germany.

Name: Lindsay

School: Cleveland State University

Home State: Tennessee

Fact: Works as a river rafting guide & likes rockclimbing

Name: Daniel

School: William Carey University

State: Louisiana

Random Fact: Never been bitten by mosquito (we think that will probably change before too long.)

Name: Clayton

School: Campbellsville University

Home State: Kentucky

Random Fact: Can flip a coin on his belly

Name: Joshua

School: William Carey University

State: Oklahoma

Fact: Sometimes dreams about if he was a bald eagle

Name: Cory

School: University of Memphis

Home State: Tennessee

Fact: If he was reincarnated he would wish he was a golden bear

National Team members: Mark, Jester, Roy, Rengie