Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life over death

This is Ud. He is a former witch doctor, and he was one of the most powerful in his area. People would actually come from other provinces to see him. 

The local pastor in Ud's village had told him about Christ, but Ud didn't heed him. Then, two months ago, another witch doctor told Ud he was going to die within the month. That witch doctor also predicted the death of six other men. One by one, the men started dying off...the witch doctor's predictions were coming true. Ud was afraid for his life, and in a desperate attempt he said he would believe in God is He saved him. Obviously, Ud is still alive, and he is also a strong believer in our Savior. 

Our team met Ud at a worship service in a local village. I had actually heard his story last week, and I wanted to meet him. I was so excited when I was told who he was. He shared his testimony with us, and he thanked us for coming calling us his family in Christ.
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