Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will You Remember Us?

When I first met Cosie she was shy, but happy to have people to play with. The next time we went to visit her orphanage, I sat with her while she colored and did her school work. She sang, laughed, and smiled because she loved having her picture taken. She had so much fun jumping and spinning in my arms. Her eyes sparkled with joy and happiness.

Then she fell and as quick as her eyes were to initially sparkle with joy, they drained- she looked completely hopeless. I sat and rocked her, cuddling her, singing songs to her, and telling her over and over again that Jesus loved her. While I was sitting with Cosie a boy walked up and we started talking. He asked me, "will you remember us when you leave?"
Amanda Adksinson and Cosie at EW Childrens Orphanage

My heart hurts for these children. People come and go but no one stays- no one remembers them. There is no hope in that orphanage. Nigel is 17 but he knows that despite his situation, he has hope. He believes in Jesus with his whole heart and as he shared the Gospel with me, I realized most of these children have never known love. Until they know the love of another individual, they won't understand the love of God because they don't know what love is. God has called me here to love on these children; to sing to them, cuddle with them when they are sad, and play with them. I'm here for them. Jesus loves these children and is using me to show them His great love.  My response to Nigel was, "I will definitely remember you because God has used you to teach me." Although he is in a home that offers him no hope, Nigel knows that he has hope in Christ. I pray that one day Cosie can understand this love too. I pray that one day the sparkle in her eye is permanent. I pray that one day Cosie will understand who Christ is and that His love will shine through her.