Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chinese Friends and Food

The Cathedral and park
Engaging the international student population has been harder than expected.  Because of the rain, everyone we find is inside the Cathedral of Learning (pictured below) on their laptop with their earphones in.  The Cathedral of Learning is this huge castle-looking place where most University of Pittsburgh students study.  It has many classrooms as well as models of international classrooms!

On sunny days, there are many students outside in one of the few grassy spots in Pittsburgh.  That is where we meet most people. As the week went on we started to get the hang of approaching and engaging college students, both international, and not.  On our first full day here, we met a really excited Chinese lady.  We ended up getting dinner with her and her husband the other night.

Dinner was awesome!  We had so many good discussions, and most of them were initiated by the lady and her husband.  They wanted to know about church, and Jesus, and why.  They wanted to learn more about American culture and how we grew up.  Before we knew it, we had been there two hours!

When we were saying our good byes, the husband said he was so glad to meet us and he wants us to do this again.  He was really excited about getting to hear our stories and wants to meet more Americans!  Hopefully we will be able to meet many more times and be able to pour into their lives. Maybe they can even lead us to meeting more Chinese in the area!

Please pray for this couple and the other people we may meet through them.
Pray for more persons of peace in the area.
Pray for boldness and courage for the both of us as we approach students.