Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pulling on their heart strings

In Dorm A, Kelsey and Samantha are teaching kids who are primarily Buddhist or Animists, but some of the national teachers asked if the foreigners could start a Bible study and teach their students the Bible. Of course, Kelsey and Sam were glad to do it. 

So on Friday night, I went to their dorm to attend Bible study along with a girl named Kelly. Kelly is from the United States but her family are Hmong, so she actually led the study since she speaks their language. 

Kelly opened up everything with a few games to break the ice, and soon all the girls who came were laughing and having a great time. After we got to know them Samantha and Kelsey taught them "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" in English and we sang it with them. It was pretty cool, because they were singing to a God they didn't believe in and thanking Him for saving them with His son. At the end Kelly translated the song, so the girls could understand and she asked them if any of them knew who Jesus Christ was. They all said they had heard His name, but they didn't know anything about him. They were all very curious about. 

We told them that we believed in the Most High God and that we don't have to fear spirits because God is more powerful than any spirit could ever be. When they heard this, they wanted to know how they could also go to sleep at night without being afraid. The fear of spirits basically rules their lives, so we told them a little about Jesus. 

When it was time to go, they asked us if we could come back and tell them more about Jesus BEFORE the next Bible study. Of course, we agreed. We know that God is pulling on their heart strings, and we pray that they will come to accept him this summer during our Bible studies. 

Please pray with us that the Holy Spirit with prepare their hearts to believe. 
Also, pray that when they do accept Christ that their families will not reject them.