Sunday, June 23, 2013

Medical Reach

Its been a long week full of new experiences and most of all God's helping hand. During the past week a medical team from Alabama came down to meet with us.
Together with this team we were able to reach six remote villages and provide medical need as well as love on them as God has called us to do. These villages lack access to a medical center and most go months maybe years without ever receiving any medical treatment.

We encountered over hundreds of people in need and thankfully God allowed us to provide this help and spread His word. We were able to assist with an eye clinic to provide eye glasses, medical assistant and prescription for those who needed health medications or treatment, and dental care. Thanks to God's helping hand each village was able to be taken care of with the time given.

The team worked efficiently and was constantly on the move. While the medical clinic was taking place some of the group members also did some drama performances to illustrate God's love for His people. This was also a blessing to the villagers. The feeling of seeing a mans face light up when he wore his glasses for the first time or to see a mothers smile as her kids were taken care of was priceless but to witness God's unfailing love on these people and His helping hand along with us as we provided this medical assistance is simply a matter that cannot be explained.  

Besides the medical assistance that took place we were also able to unite with a team that was providing Bible stories and a hotdog stand for the village. The teamwork worked out perfectly. After the clinic closed we were able to spend time with the kids and families. We played games and even had a water balloon slingshot.

The Alabama team has now left and has left us in charge to continue to provide medical assistance. We are recharging our energy to split up into two teams and head out to our designated villages for the week. Pray that God will open up doors for us to share His word and love. Also pray for our health and safe keeping. Have the villagers in prayer so that God may continue to strengthen them as they continue or begin to step in His path.