Thursday, June 20, 2013

Valleys and mountains

This whole experience so far has kept my emotions all over the place. I am overjoyed by the loveliness of the people here. They are the most precious, kind and gracious group of individuals. They smile all the time and they are so patient with me as I basically butcher their language. 

I live in the valley right now. The mountains sit peacefully on the edge of my view and I am reminded of the God who sustains us as we walk through valleys, and who we praise when we reach summits. Even though being so far from home and in such a new environment is testing at times, my God is the God of faithfulness, in valleys and peaks.

I’m also learning so much about being needy for Jesus. I cannot live in this country. I cannot handle the bugs swarming my bed or the lizards jumping in the shower with me. I cannot do this. That is, I cannot do this without Jesus. When He is sustaining me and when He is holding me up, not only can I handle these trials, I can enjoy them. I can be thankful for the way that they’re molding me. 

I feel my God holding me up, and I feel the fact that He is the only reason I am still standing. Its not head knowledge anymore. Its my life.

- Allison