Thursday, June 20, 2013

Help and Honey

Today we were in a trial group village building water saving equipment, surprisingly six of the men came and started helping us! The village pastor showed up as well and brought us Cokes. Some of the men brought snacks to eat for the group, and one of the elders brought fresh honey which is a BIG deal in this community. Our translator said that for the men to come and help us meant that they value and care for our group. Once they broke out the honey, our translator freaked out because of how much that means for them to give to us. He said it is a sign of great respect and honour. We finished the work that would have taken us a couple of days in just an afternoon thanks to everyone's help. Such a blessing to be so well received into the community. God has been answering prayers left and right and has provided so much. Continue to pray for the language barrier because it is extremely frustrating at times. Also for God to continue to bless us as we go out in His name. Thank you so much for all the prayer and encouragement!