Monday, June 24, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This quote has been proven to be so true over this past week. For the past four days we had the opportunity to be partnered with a group of NAMB students. They are traveling from college campus to college campus week to week this summer. This week they just so happened to be in Pittsburgh! It was such an encouragement and blessing for us! We learned so much and got to reach out to so many more people because they were with us.

There were eight students from all across the US and Canada that we worked with. We split up into groups of two and went out and did a picture survey (solarium). It was astonishing how much people were willing to share about their lives through pictures.
We would ask them five questions:
1. Which three pictures describe your life right now?
2. Which three pictures describe the way you wish for your life to be in the future?
3. Can you pick one picture that describes your view of God?
4. What spiritual journey led you to that view?
5. When you think about your spiritual life or journey, which image best represents what you wish were true?

By the time we got through the first question we normally knew so much about their life already. People become so open when communicating through pictures. I really do not understand it, but it was a beautiful thing!

Most people here don't believe in anything. Many internationals say that they believe in themselves and that there is no god. Others say that there is a god, but no way to prove what is right. And sometimes, they ask about our story and what we would pick for those questions.

Those are the opportunities that we wait for! When we get asked to share our story and the love that Christ has for the world, it makes all the rejection that we faced earlier that day worth it! God is so faithful!