Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bad luck or divine intervention?

Since we started traveling, God has done some amazing things. He started working before we even reached our country. Here is a story from Amber about what happened during our twelve-hour layover in London.

“Allison became air-sick on the plane, so on our layover to London we didn’t get to go explore the city. Instead we hung out in the airport.

We were wandering around the airport and I bought a carbonated water by accident. Of course, it spewed everywhere when I opened it and I screamed, which woke up an Indian lady that was sitting close to us.  

She laughed at us and she gave me napkins to clean up my mess. After we realized she spoke English, we asked her where she was going, and she told us her story.  

Her name was D., and she was going to LA to work in a shipyard. She was from India, and she believed in many gods. Her cult didn’t allow new people to join, and she couldn’t explain it to me, because no one could read her holy book. Everyone in the religion was basically in the dark about what it said. They all just recited oral prayers that were passed down from generation to generation…and no one knew what they actually meant. She didn’t even know what would happen to her when she died.
She showed me her holy book and I showed her my Bible. I shared "Creation to Christ" with her and told her that we can read our holy book and have a relationship with our God. The only thing she knew about Christianity was the Ten Commandments. 

She was very interested in Christ, but she said she didn’t believe in the Most High God, because when she was young she would pray and her prayers were never answered. She didn’t believe that any god actually cared about her.  

Allison explained that God cared for her and that He listens to our prayers, and she eventually allowed us to pray that she would be safe in LA. God has allowed a seed to be planted in her life, and we pray that it will blossom into a relationship with God. 

It is interesting that if Allison hadn’t gotten sick, we would have never met her!”
We would like to ask for your prayers for D., and that God will place loving Christians in her life that will continue to water the seed we have planted.

Also, pray that she can come to understand her self worth, and that God truly does care for her.

Pray also, that her husband and children will come to know Christ, and that they will not shun her when she accepts Him.