Thursday, June 20, 2013

Greetings from South Korea!

We have been here for less than two weeks and God is already doing amazing things! The first week we arrived we got the opportunity to travel with Heavenly Dream School on a field trip to Busan. It was a great time of building relationships with the students away from the pressures of studying and school. We just talked to students about their lives, what they wanted us to pray for them, and even got an opportunity to share the gospel. I got the opportunity to catch up with a couple of students from last summer and see all God has done in their lives over this past year. What a blessing to see prayer requests answered!

Our main tasks at the school are to teach English, assist with English classes, and tutor any students that need extra help. It gives us a great opportunity to get to know the students with the hope of being able to share with them (even if it is in broken English). Along with this we have begun preparation for the annual English Unification Camp. We are thrilled to see how God will work through this camp and are praying that it will touch the lives of many students.

A Bible study was started this week in the boys dorm which is very exciting! One of the students left asking "When will we meet again?" And when Andrew told him, "Next week," he was wanting to meet even sooner! So we hopefully will be able to meet more often. 

Many of the students the 2012 team spent time praying for last summer are now leaders in the school and are helping lead worship during the schools chapel service. God is doing great things through the teachers here and we are thankful to come along side them in this ministry. 

Pray for:

-the opportunity for more Bible studies to be created and continued

-close relationships with the students so that we might show them the love of Christ

-daily strength for the teachers as they work each day to maintain this school and ministry