Thursday, June 20, 2013

Preparations, Preparations, and More Preparations

Setting up for a dual college graduation party.
The past few days has been filled with preparations. High school and college graduations are huge deals in Hawaii. All of us have been working hard setting up tables, chairs, tents, etc. for theses events.

Matt serving the desserts.

Our team and a few new friends at the graduation party.

   Vacation Bible School starts tonight. The theme statement is "Where kids stand strong for God".  Part of being prepared for the week was going through a VBS training. Molokai Baptist Church (MBC) has partnered with a church in town to pull off the event. MBC loves its children. Everyone is so excited to be working with the VBS tonight.
Drawing out the banner before we painted it.
 We had a few hours before VBS started tonight, so we decided to help Uncle D in a new room the church is building. It should be finished by next week!

Sarah painting the ceiling.
What we have been doing over the past few days may not be the most exciting things to a lot of people, but we have all kept the attitude that what we are doing is for the Lord. The hard work is fun, and we have been able to build relationships with the people that we have been helping.
Please pray for:
  • God to give us strength to be able to communicate the Gospel clearly and effectively
  • Vacation Bible School ~ the kids, the workers, and everything else
  • Children's Camp preparation (The camp is next week.)
  • Energy to make it through each day as it comes