Thursday, June 20, 2013

P52 Nashville: Rescue One Outreach

This week we learned all about human trafficking and started working as interns with Rescue 1, an organization that raises awareness and works to prevent trafficking. Last week we spent a few days doing research about trafficking in different states so we could better understand how it happens, who the traffickers are, and who the victims are. After we did research, we went out on the streets to do outreach and pray for victims of trafficking at a few motels in Murfreesboro. Since outreach like this does not happen in Nashville yet, Rescue 1 is working with a ministry called Last Call For Grace to see it first hand in hopes of doing something similar in Nashville.  

Yesterday we spent our first day working with Rescue 1, this is a ministry working with human trafficking. We did everything from researching for five hours to going to the motels where human trafficking actually takes place. There were so many sad things I got to see first-hand. One of the most impacting moments of the night was when I had the opportunity to go door to door with Candy, telling people we had free food. We knocked at one room and a man answered the door. We asked if they wanted some food and two girls spoke up and said “Yes!! We would love some food!” So, one of the girls, named "T" came to get food. She acted so cheerful and happy when we came to the door but as soon as she got away from her “man” her demeanor changed all together. She went and talked to Candy and when Candy prayed for her she broke down. It literally broke my heart, because T didn’t get out. It’s her choice and she went back up to her room. I kept thinking, how can you want to go back to that, but then I’m reminded how I do the same thing sometimes. God gives me a way out of my sin and I just chose to live in it sometimes. I know that T is a daughter of the King and He can do mighty things in her life, if only she will let him. Pray for Tabitha!
-        Lexi

Outreach in Murfreesboro has been eye opening. It’s amazing to see how God moves and uses something as simple as a meal and prayer to impact people’s lives. However, it goes beyond food. Our true hope is that these victims would be able to get out being trafficking and that they would be able to start over their lives. Also, our hope is that they would find new life in Jesus Christ.

After doing the research and going out on the streets, we can no longer say we didn’t know. There are 27 million people in slavery around the world, whether it is labor trafficking or sex trafficking, everyone deserves to get out and everyone needs the hope of Christ. Please join us in prayer for everyone who is affected by human trafficking, the victims, and the traffickers themselves.

Ways you can pray:

  • Pray for the victims to get out and that they would know Jesus 
  • Pray for us as we do outreach on Wednesday and Friday nights all summer 
  • Pray for awareness to be raised about the issue of human trafficking  
  • Pray for the church to get more involved in this issue and for more labors 
  • Pray for Last Call For Grace and the ministry that they are doing