Sunday, July 2, 2017

Always Being Faithful

Man…what a week that God has blessed us! This past week, we were given the privilege to visit a new village that even our M hasn’t been before. Some goals that our M gave us this past week was to explore T village, build some connections, and of course, share the Good News with any opportunities God would give us.

After getting a place to stay for the week, we got up the next morning to find a guide to take us around the area. We, as a team, decided to prayer walk while we were searching. As we got done praying, a guy named H rode up on his motorcycle and asked us where are we coming from. We told H we were trying to search for a guide, and lucky for us, he was one. He took us through some plantations of different crops, seeing the whole village, and eventually went to the Monkey Forest. During this whole time, we were patient to look for an opportunity to share the gospel with H, which God provided. At the same time, we were getting to know H and being relational with him.

Something that we realized after we got to sight see and talk to H is that God really has our backs all the time. We went to this village not knowing anyone or what to be doing while being there. Being faithful, patient, and obedient to the Lord shows how He will never leave our side through our trials and experiences we go through. In Proverbs 28:20, it says that, “A faithful man will abound with blessings,” so we need to remain faithful to God and He will bless us in more ways than we realize. I thank God every day for these opportunities and please continue praying for encounters like these.

-Johann M