Thursday, July 6, 2017

Broken Heart

Yesterday was our day-off and I usually don't have much to journal about on those days, since we aren't doing any ministry, but the Lord spoke volumes to me yesterday and I rejoice in it! I cried buckets of tears yesterday when we got back to the home because of how much pain I was feeling for the children who are still out there being abused, neglected, uncared for, and unloved by anyone here on earth. The fact that a lot of them will die not knowing any joy because they have never heard the Gospel hit me like a freight train yesterday afternoon. I rejoice in my ability to weep with Jesus-- like wow! How amazing it is that I am able to have such a deep and close relationship with the Lord that I feel what He feels and see the same brokenness that He sees. 

Although, I rejoice I also have a heavy burden on my for the unreached. Eternity is forever, it neither has an end nor beginning. To think about children-- people existing in ETERNAL HELL is absolutely heart wrenching and unfathomable. The responsibility is so real and it is my duty as a citizen of the Kingdom of God to share the Gospel and make disciple-makers in hopes of reaching the ends of the earth. Until all has heard, we must not stop trying. We can't-- I can't do it on my own though, we must-- I must rely on the Lord for my strength, durability, motivation, patience, understanding, and wisdom to share with and invest in people who do not know.

My mission here has become so clear. Though I never once questioned our purpose here, the Lord has revealed an additional task that wasn't so apparent to me in the beginning. We are to help mobilize these children. They know the Gospel, but now they need to take it places. I am beginning to understand what it means to be a blessing, God has shown me that our investment in these children will be missions focused.


  • Please continue to pray my devotionals with the older boys. Please pray that our language barrier isn't such a barrier and that the Holy Spirit will fill our conversations and lead us to opening of hearts.
  • Please pray for the team, Alex, Roxy, and I. This is the mid-way point, so please pray that we are able to be present and not distracted with how long we have been here or how long we still have to go. 

  • Praise the Lord for clarification in our mission!
  • Praise the Lord for the boys wanting and asking for devotionals every night!
  • Praise the Lord for the spiritual conversations we are free to have with our students we are tutoring!