Friday, July 7, 2017

Sometimes Flies Won't Stick (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago, I was late for our taxi van ride. I apparently didn't get the memo that I shouldn't have gotten that 3rd bowl of rice for lunch, and I was holding everyone up.  I saw each person's face in the car as I ran down the little farm road toward the taxi. When I got in, I saw two nationals already sitting there, and I sat next to them. They knew a little English so we got to know them and they agreed to come to dinner with us in the city!

Passing dishes and smiles, we swapped stories for an hour or so. A friend that works on the farm with us speaks the language fluently, so we decided we would share a Bible story with our new friends and she could translate. We decided on the story of David and Goliath, and we watched as it was translated, their eyes widened with every sentence. Their necks craned to be sure to hear each word.

During the story, the rest of us prayed. We had two girls with us who had been to the region before and were visiting for a while, and as we prayed, one realized that they recognized one of them! She had shared the Gospel with him a year earlier, and now both were hearing it! We hoped maybe this time it would stick. Neither of them made decisions for Christ, but we prayed when the story was over, swapped contacts, and we parted ways encouraged!

The night ended as our team danced with hundreds of nationals by the city lake. The moves took a while to master, but with time we got them down. With time, it finally stuck.

Pray for the seeds that have been planted with these who shared our taxi. Pray that they will continue to be watered & a harvest will come.

-Farm Community Interns