Thursday, July 6, 2017

The beauty of God's creation

Our team had the honor of going to see the Falls today. It was so beautiful. I have no words to describe how beautiful they truly are. The Falls absolutely left me in awe. It reminded me of the wonder and greatness of God. It also reminded me of the great need that we have to share this great God with others. Things like this should help us to see that there is a God who created all things, but not everyone has this perspective. Therefore we should help point people to God and help them to see that He has created all the beauty they see. These things should lead us to constantly be in awe of God and how amazing He is. While at the Falls, we met people who were doing mission work nearby; they were talking about starting a church, and many coming to the Lord. It was encouraging to hear that God is at work in many different areas around here.

Please pray that God will continue to help us be in awe of Him and that we will continue to share His greatness with others. 
Pray that His work will continue in this area.