Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Finding Persons of Peace

This week we traveled an hour and half to T village.  It is the farthest village we have traveled to this summer.  Not only was it far, it was also the first village we have been to that we had no knowledge of before going into the week.  Our supervisor asked us to test the receptivity of the Gospel and find places for future teams to stay during their visit in the village.  Faced with the new set of challenges, we continually prayed that the Lord would lead us to persons of peace in T village because we knew without Him it would be nearly impossible to find the right people in such a short time.  A person of peace is a nonbeliever that possesses a desire to either learn more about the Bible or recognizes that they are sinners and seems to be searching for something more.

On Tuesday the Lord lead us to a man named H, and he became our guide for the week. Right from the beginning, we knew there was something special about H.  We were not surprised the Lord had answered our prayer, but we just simply marveled at His power to control every one of our encounters.  After the first day with H, we prayed earnestly that the Lord prepare his heart for the Good News and let the few spiritual hints we had dropped begin to seep into his soul and convict his heart through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The next day, we were taking a break from hiking and were stopping at his house to eat and drink coconuts.  During the break, we were looking for any opportunity to begin a Gospel conversation, and the Lord gave us the opening we were praying for that whole week.  We shared the Good News with H, and he was very receptive.  This was the first time he had ever heard of the Gospel, and after he had asked several question, he finished by telling us he loved the story we had shared with him.

It still blows my mind that there are grown people in this world, like H, that have literally never heard of the Gospel before in their whole lives.  My team and I can only praise the Lord for allowing us to grow up in a place where we heard the Good News at such a young age.  We are praying the power of the Gospel begin to weigh on H’s heart. Please join us in praying for H.

-Aaron G.