Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Small Room, Big Smiles

Yesterday, we got the opportunity to revisit one of the houses we had been to on our first week here. This was the house that was full of kiddos. They had been texting the midwives and asking when we could come back. We were so excited to oblige. We told the kids the story of the good Samaritan, and we had them act out the story for us when we finished. We played games, gave out candy, braided hair, and took lots of pictures!

This whole family lives in a shack about the same size as my bedroom back in the states. They do not have much extra money, let alone food, but they gladly served us a full meal! It was extremely humbling to witness their generosity. We ate lots of rice, pork, and fish soup. Paige got to eat off the same plate as 7 year old Neman, who LOVES rice.

After the meal, we gave the mother a Cebuano Bible. Kat got to explain how the Bible is laid out and supplied her with some materials that help you to better study the Word.  She shared with us that she does not have a religion at the moment. We are extremely hopeful that she will dig into God's Word, and after discovering the truths within it, she will begin to ask those hard questions and seek Godly counsel. Please pray for her as she begins to read and discover the love of Jesus Christ. 

-Mercy Midwives