Saturday, July 1, 2017

God's Divine Appointment

The second week we were in the Philippines I found a Muay Thai guym. We are here to teach self defense as a way in to sharing the gospel. So I figured why not try going to an actual martial arts gym? My first day there it was just Kate and me. When we walked in the gym the coach immediately treated us with great hospitality. He asked why I was here and I was able to tell him about our Bible studies we have been doing. His face lit up with excitement. I eventually brought the whole team with me to the gym and we all felt that something great could come from that gym. We also though that Coach Ed could even be the person of peace. 

Tuesday afternoon, Caleb and I decided that we should go to the gym. I was feeling extremely tired and down about going. I prayed that God would show us that something good was going to come from this. As soon as we walked in something seemed different. Two guys were doing Jiu Jitsu for the first time. (That's the martial arts that i do.) Coach Ed asked us to teach them some moves rather than us being the ones who were being taught. So Caleb taught Coach Ed and I taught a guy named Kevin. 

Kevin is very outgoing. He eventually told me his entire life story. With that I was able to share the gospel with him. He understood what I was telling him and agreed to come over for a Bible study soon. Coach Ed then asked Caleb if he and I would be willing to teach self-defense to a group of young adults. We agreed to do it. Coach Ed then asked how much money we wanted and Caleb said we'll teach a lesson in exchange for a Bible study. Coach Ed agreed to letting teach both self-defense and a Bible study to the young adults. Thursday afternoon we were able to teach our first lesson. The girls and guys all loved learning the self defense moves, but even better they loved learning the moves just as much!