Saturday, July 1, 2017

Meet the Team: CrossFit Language Students

Carter is going into his final year at Ohio State, where he studies public policy and economics. He served with NT in the Philippines last year, and has a passion for sharing the Gospel with hard to reach people. 

Hannah is our seasoned team leader who grew up in the Middle East as an MK. She is fluent in Arabic and is our cultural expert for the summer. She studies art at Columbus State and just finished her second year. 

James also served with NT in the Philippines last year where he developed a heart for the Filipino people. He studies communications at Southern Miss and is excited to learn to share the Gospel in a Muslim context. 

Amber is a physical education teacher from Louisiana & is our team CrossFit expert. When she's not kicking butt at the gym, she loves cooking and outdoor adventures. She is excited to see the work God is doing overseas and is eager to be part of his kingdom expansion in any way she can. 

Meridyth is a senior international studies & religion major at Baylor, and has a heart for the Middle East. She served with NT in Indonesia last summer and is eager to continue to learn how to disciple believers and share with unreached people groups. 

Please pray for team unity, strength, and boldness. We will be in a very spiritually dark  area so your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!