Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sometimes Flies Won't Stick

Fly paper is a wonderful invention, especially on a farm. Set down one, two, three, and BOOM!... problems go away. Or so it should be. The reality of the situation is that sometimes, flies just won't stick. Welcome to our world for the summer, minus the flies.

We've almost been a month here in Southeast Asia, and our team has been hard at work! Some days we are trenching or scooping manure or picking weeds or milking cows till the dinner bell rings. On others we are trying our hardest to communicate with those around us. We study language for 1.5 hours a day, but some things just don't stick. So many words, so many faces. Every one holds weight, and every person carries a story worth listening to. If one wasn't careful, they could drown in frustration working overseas. Thanks be to God that He triumphs over fear, bridges language barriers, and provides strength for the fatigued. It has been an incredible encouragement to see how our meager plans can change in an instant to show us God's greater one. 

-Farm Community Interns