Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Super encouraging week!

This past week has been extremely encouraging for our team! 
  • Abbie and I spent Monday visiting students for Eid, and we had several other outside-of-class visiting opportunities this week, too! 
  • On Tuesday, we went shopping with a student. 
  • On Wednesday, we visited a woman whose family we had broken fast with earlier in the summer (winter here!), and we were even able to give her a New Testament in her language! She had to read most of the Old Testament for her English Literature degree, and she was open to "finishing the story". We've made plans to spend time with her again, and we pray this will blossom into a sweet friendship and open the door to more spiritual conversations. 
  • On Thursday, we spent a few hours visiting a sweet woman who used to come to class but hasn't been in a while. She even invited us back for lunch on Tuesday! The guys were able to eat lunch with several of their students and seem to be growing friendships with them that prayerfully will lead to sharing opportunities. They were also able to join one of our supervisors and spend time talking with a few students and their friend on Thursday. 
  • Abbie and I warming up with some
    coffee after an early morning safari drive!
  • Friday and Saturday we spent some time at a national park a few hours away taking in God's breathtaking creation and praising His creativity in making such unique animals! Today we were able to worship with the church we've been attending and had lunch with a family from the church. Our English classes are going well, and we love planning lessons, watching our students grow in their ability to use the English language, and having sweet conversations before and after class with our students. God is definitely at work in us and in this community!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that our visits with students this week would lead to spiritual conversations and that the Holy Spirit would go before us to prepare people to hear and accept the wonderful gospel of grace that we proclaim. Pray also that language and cultural barriers would be overcome through the power of Christ.
  • Pray that more students would attend class and would come more consistently so they can develop their English.
  • Pray for a new female student we have who is around the same age as me and Abbie. Pray that a beautiful friendship will be able to form and that we will be able 'to speak truth into her life.
  • As Abbie and I have started praying with our students at the end of classes, pray that God would be faithful to answer these prayers and that our students would see these answered prayers as coming from our God.
  • Pray that Nic and Logan will be able to spend more time with students outside of class. Their students are oftentimes busy with jobs and other responsibilities, so opportunities for them to develop friendships after class have been harder to discover. Pray that they will be invited into their students' lives to a greater extent.
Thank you for faithfully interceding for our team and for our people groups!

With love,