Monday, July 3, 2017

Teachers Being Taught

A large part of our week is spent in one on one tutoring. During the time with our kids, we are able to see what they are learning about in various places including church and in the devotion times.It is really cool to see their reaction when we asked about being a Christian. They quickly correct us and say "No, I am born again" and then tell us how the Lord has saved them.  I have one boy in particular who was telling me about a discipleship program he and another boy were going to start this week. This young boy was PUMPED to start! He told me that this week is salvation and it is a large book but at the end they will have the opportunity to get baptized.

It has amazed me how these kids are on fire for the Lord. The social worker also shared with us that they have had several children decline opportunities go with families because their faith was not the same knowing that they may never have another family. How incredible!

Please pray for us to be lead by the Lord as we continue to love and invest in these children who are SO eager to learn more about the Heavenly Father.