Monday, July 3, 2017

New Real Estate

We have a new house, which is further proof the Lord doesn't call us into comfort. As soon as you get acclimated to a new culture in another hemisphere, it's time to uproot! Thankfully we abide in the vine and not in our room.

The praises and requests from the past week are many, including the baptism of Tai Tai Lino and his grand daughters. The best part is we didn't seek them for baptism, they sought us because they read the bible commands them to be baptized. What a praise!

Continue to pray for Ronald and Peter, who are each weighing the cost of what it means to follow Jesus. They are so close, please pray for them, that they would see eternity is worth so much more than worldly discomfort.

Please pray for our translator Kewin, who is experiencing familial issues and needs the strength and perseverance of Jesus. As we lift him to the Lord, please do as well, he needs to feel the love that does not come from man.

On a semi-related note, pray that the American portion of our team would pursue understanding, gentleness, and patience with Filipino culture. There's no team tension, but there will be if we don't stay focused on the Lord.

Praise that team camaraderie is an all-time high, laughs, jokes, and smiles are the replacement for groggy faces rising to catch the 6:30 jeepney.

Praise for our newest team member, Christian, who has joined the fold and visits houses with us as we lead bible studies and prayer walk. Praise as well for Darwin's continued growth, and the fact that his house is the one we live in now. Pray they both continue to grow and seek the Lord.

Pray for Jasmine, who has faced the cost of following Jesus - her strictly Roman Catholic husband telling her that we should not be having bible studies at her house. Pray she would continue to seek Jesus, and she has invited to come back at her own cost.

Pray for Michelle and her family, who are seeking Jesus and asking questions about what it means to follow Jesus.

Pray for a family we have code named "The Pink House", whose infant is battling fever and the grandmother is in the Hospital. We delivered a message for them and I pray they'd come to know salvation as the Lord wills.

For our team, pray for continued spiritual growth. It's been amazing to watch each other seek the Lord daily. Physical health is tremendous, spiritual health is blooming, and our mental and emotional health are stable. We love each other and this community.