Monday, July 10, 2017

The Firstfruit frustration

Since week one, you've heard about Jasmine and her new found salvation, but the challenge of baptism proved itself ugly to the Roman Catholic side of her raising, and it was almost like we reverted to square one when we presented her with the idea of baptism. Her story of growing in her relationship with the Lord completely flipped - pray that she'd see what it means to follow the Lord in obedience, because there is nothing we as men can do, only Him.

Praise for Peter  - of the brothers Ronald and Peter so often mentioned here - as it appears he has come to know Christ. Pray that his salvation is real, which is as he described... "A huge weight lifted off my shoulders." 

Pray for our team, the language barrier, the physical nature of playing basketball, and the endurance of going this long without our normal lives seems to be catching up to us, and grace seems to be dripping from what was once an open faucet. 
Pray we'd have patience, understanding, grace, mercy, and forgiveness with each other. 

Praise that we baptized Christian, once of the many that live in our house. He seeks to pursue the Lord and grow in his relationship, even to the point of going with us as we reach out to the community. Pray he continues to grow in faith. 

Some of us are noticing the Lord's call on our lives in different ways now - the result of living a life dedicated to Him in the most literal way. Some of us are thinking full time international missionary, some of us are not. Pray Jesus continues to pull us into His plan for us. 

-Take it to the Rim