Saturday, July 16, 2016

1 more team to go!

We are back at the missionary's house for a few days before we head to team 5! The last team was incredible! Our supervisor has been praying for 10 years to start a church among the Maasai tribe, and 2 were initiated this past week! There have been 5 similar starts through our medical teams.

We have a few days to rest here, but we will be needing prayer as we head into this next week. As we mentioned in the last update, this team is anticipating a lot of spiritual warfare. We will be ministering in an area that is dominated by a local cult. This cult believes that there are "rainbows of colors of Jesus." In their faith, there is a brown Jesus, a white Jesus, a black Jesus, etc. This cult worships the black Jesus who they have now been waiting to raise from the dead for almost 20 years! Three days we will be traveling to islands to plant churches where there are none except for this cults churches. The rest of the days we will be targeting the area near the headquarters of this cult. We have heard that just being near this areas instills a sense of spiritual heaviness, so we imagine sharing the Gospel in this area will present its own challenges.

Prayer requests:
  • For the teams safety as they travel
  • For the meds to arrive in country successfully and not be questioned by customs
  • The people that we will be seeing who may have never heard the Gospel
  • For us as we are working: usually we have a break day in our work weeks. This week we will work 6 straight days, seeing anywhere from 500-600 patients a day. Please pray for strength to do so.
-Hope & Healing Team