Sunday, July 17, 2016

City Talk English

We've been able to go into businesses and classrooms to teach English and share the Gospel. We have a center specifically for the City English Talk project and we've had many classes there as well. One of the pictures attached is of the team with some of our students at a game night. Another is one of my team at the train station headed to Chiang Mai. And the others are selfies with students and in the classroom. 

Some highlights are that many of us have been able to share our testimonies with our students, but a very special moment was for our teammate, Jaclyn. She was able to share her testimony with a friend she's made at a local laundry-mat. As her team leader, I'm very proud of her and the spiritual growth I've seen in her this summer.

We've been able to have conversations with our students who have either heard of God but did not know anything about Him, or they had just never heard of who Jesus is. This has been an amazing summer of sharing with people who are need of our Savior and it has been a blessing for us.

-Cassandra, City Talk English Team