Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Smile or a Laugh Breaks Down Any Language Barrier

On our off day we went to a Christian resort and met the missionary family that runs it. Rachel, the mother, explained to us that she has a special needs child, and invited us to her 20th birthday party with all of the families with special needs children in their barangay.

Each one of us has a special place in our hearts for children with special needs, so we were excited for this opportunity to serve them and their families. Their smiles and sweet spirits were contagious, and being able to see how happy they were was such a huge blessing to us. One thing we are noticing is how universal a smile and a laugh is. No matter what language is being spoken, joy breaks down any barrier.

Pray for these children and their families as they deal with a daily struggle that could be lessened with better healthcare. Rachel is asking us to point her to someone who could donate wheelchairs to the families who are not able to purchase them on their own. Many of these children could have some of their problems lessened if they were able to have access to resources that we take advantage of in America.