Sunday, July 17, 2016

C & C Take on SEA: Goin Swimmin

Howdy everyone!
We have been gone for a while, but we have been super-duper busy!  Ramadan is over (yay) and Claire and I have really been enjoying Hari Raya.  Since it is Hari Raya we have been able to go to many of our friends' houses to meet their families, eat their food, and wear traditional clothing.
Along with Hari Raya celebrations, we have been helping our supervisors teach school in the villages. We have been watching our supervisor work and we have also been able to lead a few lessons.  Through our teachings we have been able to share our faith and good values with Bible stories. 

Later this week we will take our local friend, who has made the decision to follow Christ, to be baptized!  We are amazed at what God is doing in her life.

Please pray for... 
  • our team,  that remain focused on God's will as this trip comes to a close
  • our supervisors,  their schools, work load, and family
  • pray for our local friend, for her baptism, and for her to find local support to disciple her after we leave
  • protection over all the missionaries in our area
-C & C