Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Love love love.

Can I just say how much I love it here?  I don't think I have ever loved a place as much as I do here. The city life, the luxurious malls, and the H&M's on every corner are enough for me to want to move here, but my love for this city goes so much more than just the city life experience.  This city has people from all over the world doing life here.  Each person I've met has absolutely amazing hospitality.  They will sit and smile while listening to me share the Gospel with them, even though it goes against everything they believe in.  They will always ask to take pictures with us, they never cease to smile, and they love to laugh.  This city has stolen my heart!

The first week we got here I got the opportunity to lead a girl to Christ and baptize her the next day. It was definitely the most surreal moment of my life! Since then, nearly every day we have gotten opportunities to share the Gospel multiple times a day!  It's kind of funny, actually, because you know how your parents would always tell you, "don't talk to random strangers on the street?"  Well, that's exactly what we have been doing!  We will walk up to people, ask for "directions," ask why they are not eating (during Ramadan), or find some random way of complimenting them just to get a Gospel conversation started.  No salvations have come out of that yet, but we are praying that God will send us persons of peace to hear and receive the Good News.

Pray with us that people will receive visions, dreams, and confusion that will completely corrupt their life.  Pray that we will find them and the Holy Spirit will work through us for them to find the way, the truth, and the life.