Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nan Stop Ministry!

The Nan province was beautiful. We got to see a lot of amazing sights when we were there for ministry. I must say the most amazing sight was seeing all that God was able to do in just one week.

God opened two ministries for us in the Nan province. The first one was a children's ministry at two different schools. We were able to go into government schools and tell children (and also the teachers) about Jesus. Using Bible stories and songs, we proclaimed the name of Jesus to children in the schools.
The Lord also blessed us with the opportunity to go into the provincial jail to share His name with the prisoners through leading a worship service. God allowed for a lot of good work in Nan. We also would like to give thanks to the foreign partners that helped us in Nan.

Please be praying for our last week of work, and for the safe travel of all Nehemiah Team members as we prepare to finish the ministries God has given us this summer.

To God be all honor, glory, and praise!

A bond-servant of Christ,
-Joshua, PacRim Ag