Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On to a New Village

God provided a lot of good work for us in the village we were working. We finished the fourth toilet in the village. It is sad to know that this past week was the last time we will be working in that particular Lahu village. We will miss all of the friends we have made, and the work that we have done.

God should His faithfulness by having two ladies come to the church for the first time this past Sunday. They heard the gospel for the first time. They came because we built toilets for them. God is good and uses the work of his servants.

We will be working in the Nan province this next week. We will be working with at least the Tong and Liang people groups. We will be focusing more on ministering to the people instead of just doing hard labor.

Please be praying for:
- safe travel this next week
- the softening of hearts to the gospel
- God to use His servants

All praise, honor, and glory be to God!
A bond-servant of Christ,