Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Family of Peace

What are expectations? 

To our team, after this summer, they are meaningless. No longer will we know what to expect when it comes to the workings of our Father. This past week is the reason why. 

This past Friday three of our team members were planning on meeting with one of our friends to study the Bible at a local mall. They sat at a coffee shop waiting (local perception of time is flexible; very flexible) when their friend arrived with the news that his whole family had tagged along and were waiting for them at the KFC. Dinner time in SEA at a KFC is CRAZY. Not only that... but their friend's family is a family of nine! They trudged towards KFC with the expectation of getting ZERO sharing or studying done. They were quite mistaken. 

Our Father showed His dominance over any situation that night and reminded us with a powerful display of His sovereignty that He is the planner of all things and that He does not always need us to do all of His Kingdom's work. 

Please pray for *Ahmad* (front left in the group photo) that God will send help to this family of peace, that they may gain their sight and have the courage to leave behind false teachings. 

Please pray that our team will continue to grow in unity, that opportunities will continue to be provided to get the Good News out to those who need to hear it, and that our friends will be connected to other friends within the city so that churches will soon be planted.

With love from SEA,
The Seed Sowers