Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The end is only the beginning...

This last bit of the trip has been an emotional roller coaster for us! We all love Southeast Asia, and we love the people here. Our schedule is packed with saying goodbyes, and it is truly difficult to leave our new friends. Jackson and I had the opportunity recently to share the great news with our new friend Pak S. When we asked him if he believed this news could be true deep in his heart, he said yes! God is truly working in his heart, and he wants to know more, because he had never previously heard the news of Jesus. He only knew Jesus as simply a prophet. Our supervisor will follow up with him, since he works nearby.

If I have learned anything this summer, it is that so many people have not heard the gospel of God's grace. They have never heard of our Lord Jesus as we know him. The chains are many, wrapped around the hearts of the people while keeping them isolated from the news of Jesus. But we have hope that the name of Jesus has the power to break those very chains.

As we prepare to depart Southeast Asia, we hope to bring back the news of these millions of lost souls. There is a major need for laborers of the harvest, because the harvest is beyond count, and their time to wither comes closer by each day.

Pray that God would raise laborers to reach these people
Pray that people we've shared with will see Jesus revealed to them
Pray that our national partners will continue to share Jesus boldly everyday
Pray that the whole world will hear of Jesus Christ, and His boundless love for us.