Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fun with new friends

These past two days have been an absolute blast! Yesterday Charley and I went with some local friends to a zoo. We saw crocodiles, otters, tigers, bears, and exotic birds. The most fun part though was undoubtedly the elephant and ostrich rides! Charley was the brave one and rode the ostrich, while I played it safe and rode the elephant. 

The lovely lady on my left, Mrs. Jamie,is here in the country with her husband (Mr. Tim) for the summer, doing the same thing that we are doing. It's been great getting to know them and being encouraged by all their stories from previous trips they've taken.

That night, we met up with a new friend of ours, J. We met him last night at an English club, where he confessed to being an atheist. That didn't scare me and Mr. Tim though. We shared our stories and the greatest news of all with him, and by the end of the night he was so moved that proudly said, "I think I'm going to start seeking God now." Tonight, we talked about what he had read in the first three chapters of John. Since he didn't know how to pray...  I wrote out some thing he could say to Him, of which he was very grateful. 

Please be praying for J in the coming days. 

-Tip of the Spear team