Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tell me your story

These past two days have been awesome for our group! We're all very sad that this is our last week, but are encouraged that the Father is still working and still has jobs for us to complete. 

Yesterday, Des and Zack met up with our friend T. This past Sunday she came up to Zack and said "I've heard Des and Allison tell their stories. Can you tell me yours?" When they met yesterday, Zack shared his story of coming to know Jesus Christ and how his life has since changed. The Father used the stories of Zack and his family to speak into T's life and show her that the Father is a constant provider, even in difficult situations.

They also were able to address some disillusionment she had with local "gatherings" and how they had been unwelcoming and cold towards her. It was so neat to hear her give a perfect explanation of what the church should look like.

After talking with her, all 4 of us had an English club at one of the coffee shops by our hotel. They have been a very faithful group and have shown an interest in Christ. Since T is a part of that English club, she asked Charley to tell good story of coming to know Christ and he made the distinction of knowing about Christ and knowing Christ.

That same night, we gained another new brother in the family! His name is R, a 21 year old university student. He had indicated this past Sunday that he'd made a decision to follow Christ. Zack talked with him to gain further insight. After asking probing questions and studying John 4 together, R had made the decision to follow Christ. You can read the prayer he said to the Father.

Today was also an incredible honor because we got to be a part of the "dunking" of R. All 4 of us went to a local swimming pool with R and his roommate and celebrated the new life he was beginning!

Please be praying for T, we can tell the Holy Spirit is working in her. 
Please also be praying for us as we finish out our last few days here strong.

-Tip of the Spear Team