Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our God is Mighty to Save

One of my favorite moments thus far has been seeing the light, hope, and excitement in the eyes of a new believer. Gerome, one of our tenth grade students, came to faith and is eager to learn more. To see the Lord changing lives has been a big encouragement. I stand amazed at who our God is.

On the first day of classes, Gerome stuck out because he was disruptive, distracting, and wanted a lot of attention. Since then, he has joined us for house church, Bible study, and was welcoming for us to do a Bible study at his boarding house. Gerome was eager to learn more about Jesus, came to faith, and followed the Lord in believer's baptism. Praise Him!

Please pray for Gerome and the other new believers here in Tingloy. Also pray as we go with Gerome's boarding house to meet their families in Pisa. 
Pray for Gospel conversations and boldness.