Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Smiling faces, tired feet, and dirty hands

This week Courtney and I had the privilege of going with some of our Karen refugee girls to Camp Wings. At camp we had Bible study where the girls asked tons of spiritual questions and even had two girls who had recently given their lives to the Lord wanted to be baptized. 

Two of the girls who attended are Buddhist, and this allowed us to share about who God really is and what He is like. At camp, the girls experienced many new things for the first time. They got to go fishing, swimming, horseback riding, blackberry picking, build bonfires, and build birdhouses. Many of those who went are girls Courtney and I have been ministering to all summer and it has been amazing to see how God is working in their lives and growing them. Courtney and I really saw the importance of building strong relationships with these girls. To have someone listen to them and even tell them for the first time ‘I’m proud of you’ or ‘you’re doing a great job’.

Please pray for the two young Buddhist girls that they would see and know who the one true God is and that their families would know Him too. Also, for all the girls in general as they are experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare and are learning to trust God and giving Him their fears.