Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hungry for the Word

It was our sixth week here and with almost every encounter, we are presenting His good news. A two hour coffee rendezvous turned into an 7 hour discussion about who Christ is and what He means to every person on earth.  Meetings with our new brother occur frequently and deeply as he is hungry and the Holy Spirit is helping him grasp many concepts. Story telling from His book is requested multiple times every time we meet with one of our friends.

Recently, we spent an entire day with our friend's family at his house, trying on traditional dress, eating together, laughing and singing karaoke, and being a part of the family. During that time we were given a special moment to discuss with him what he believed and present Christ's message as the children playing in the room quieted themselves and sat with us. Please be praying for all of our friends as we place truth before them that the He will open their eyes to see this truth and its relation to them. Also be praying for us as our days are growing fuller, that we will lean on Him when we grow tired.

-Tip of the Spear