Friday, July 15, 2016

Prayer Warriors

When we realize that the random wonderful acts of God that we see in our lives are not random, but answers to the prayer of the saints, our faith in God will increase, and we will better understand the need for and power of prayer. We recently saw a young man from Congo surrender his life to Christ, and while we rejoiced in what seemed to be a random act of God, we were unaware of the pleads for his soul coming from other believers. Two days after we saw this young man saved, we learned from some local friends that the night prior to his salvation they were in prayer to God for his soul. Often times we do not see an answer to our prayers, but that is because it is not for us but rather for the kingdom of God. So let us preemptively praise God for the answers to our prayers that we do not see, and let us doubly rejoice when do see a great working of God because we know that it is not only a mighty act of the King but also a gracious answer to the cry of a saint.