Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Seekers of Truth

This week we spent the first few days traveling to the beach for our vacation. We spent some time relaxing on the shore and climbing a nearby mountain to stand on Jo's shoulder! We also took some time to lift up the remaining summer to dad as we began planning how we were going to meet with all of our friends. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to ask for His wisdom and seek Him as we continue the rest of the summer.

Upon our return to home base we faced some trials as we were unable to return to our previous hotel. For a few nights we had to relocate and had a short sense of homelessness. The rest of the week, however, we dove right into new English clubs, sharing our stories and His, and starting new relationships. The most rewarding moment was to see one of our friends finally begin to ask questions and as Charlie began to answer the whole table leaned in to hear his answer. God is really working! Please keep our friends in mind as they seek for truth and that we may be obedient to the Father. 

-Allison, Tip of the Spear