Monday, July 11, 2016

When the Lord Moves You out of the Way

We usually do home visits on Saturdays for moms who are patients at Mercy. This Saturday, we went to a neighborhood to visit a couple of patients who had recently delivered at Mercy. The second woman we visited had just had her seventh baby, and she lived in an area where there were many other children as well. When we got to her house she asked us to wait outside for a few minutes while she prepared a place for us to sit. 

While outside we saw some girls working on some kind of craft project, and we went up and introduced ourselves and asked what they were up to. They said they were all in eighth grade and they were working on a project for school. We talked for a few more minutes and ended up inviting them to join our home visit/bible study. They agreed to come, and when we sat down with the woman we came to see, we had attracted quite a group of kids! She was nice enough to let them gather at the door of her home and listen as we told they story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. We explained how the Lord will take the small gifts we have to offer and multiply them, like in the story, if only we will surrender our lives to Him.  

At the end we asked if anyone had questions or comments, and one girl named Princess (who was about 15 years old) said she would like to say something. We thought to ourselves, "Oh, she will probably make a short comment and we can be on our way". Well, obviously God had a different plan, because this 15 year old girl got up, borrowed Jesse Anne's bible, and brought the WORD! 

She talked through Romans 6:23, how we all deserve death and hell, but through Christ we can be saved. She said that a couple of years ago she was smoking and cussing a lot but since she became a Christian her life has changed for the good. She explained to all the other kids who were there how they needed to accept Jesus and lead a prayer for them. We all just looked around at each other after she sat down and thought, "Thank you Jesus for giving Princess this opportunity to speak!" I think this experience taught us that sometimes we just need to start the conversation, and then step out of the way and let God do the rest.


Please pray for Princess and the other girls we met during our home visit, that they will continue to seek after Christ, and that they would find older women to disciple them.

The Mercy girls with Princess