Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dolores River Boat Final Ministry Report

I have been avoiding posting about the last week of our ministry because posting about it means it is over and it makes the situation a little more real- we are leaving the Philippines in two days. I am leaving a lot of my heart here on the Dolores river. The Lord has taught me so much and shaped me in so many different ways. Putting all that information into words is impossible.

On the last day in our fourth village, we were able to take an afternoon to travel to the river with a group of believers. At the river we had a picnic and five believers were baptized!God has done amazing work in so many lives. Please continue to pray for this work and growth to continue and that the Bible study that was established will continue! 

This last week of ministry also consisted of following up in the villages we visited during the beginning of the summer. In two days, we visited 3 villages. The past three days we have woken up at 3:45 am, ridden a lot of tractor trailers and boats, and moved our stuff from one barangay hall to the next. Needless to say, we are all so tired, but it has been so worth all the traveling and moving.

In one village we returned to we were allowed to baptize three women. The first two women had accepted Christ when we were in the village, and the third woman was saved when attended an established Bible study after we had already gone.  We praise the Lord for how He is growing and multiplying the gospel in this village! Please pray that people will continue to share to their friends and that more people will come to Christ though this! 

Once we returned to the second village for a follow-up visit, we were immediately asked by the barangay caption if we could have a prayer meeting in the plaza! We walked the village streets inviting people to attend the prayer meeting later that night. Before the prayer meeting, we were able to share some Mountain House meals with some of our friends in the village (they enjoyed the chicken and rice meal, but most of them did not like the American style spaghetti). After eating, we sat out in the street under a street light for our prayer meeting. It was so encouraging to see a lot of believers gathered together. Please pray that this group can stay strong and continue to meet together. The number of believers who regularly attend Bible study has gotten smaller since we left. Please pray that those leading the Bible studies can be encouraged to continue leading.

Finally, we arrived in the third village. This was the village we visited at the beginning of the summer. Several people were in town because of a meeting, so we were not able to follow-up with everyone; however, those who were home came to the prayer meeting. The boys on the team lead a time of encouragement out of the book of Ephesians, and then we had a time of prayer. Please pray that the believers will continue to meet with each other, and that they will continue to have the desire to read and study their Bibles. Saying good-bye at this village was so hard. The reality of it being our last village, our last follow-up, and the last time seeing our friends really hit some of us hard. However, while that is a little sad, we are praising the Lord because we will all meet again one day in Heaven.